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Perrydise Permitting


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About Us

Create a Vacation Destination in Your Front Yard

With Perrydise Permitting, LLC, navigating the complexities of Joint Permit applications becomes simple. We are your expert partner in planning, preparing, and submitting the necessary documents to secure permits for waterfront improvements. Whether it’s for personal enjoyment or commercial upgrading, we make the process clear and successful.

Our deep understanding of NYSDEC, NYSDOS, NYSOGS, and USACOE regulations ensures that your project not only meets the criteria for reasonable and necessary improvements but also respects the beauty and integrity of New York State’s waterways.
Our services offer invaluable support for:
• Waterfront property owners
• Boat and marina associations
• Marine contractors
Seeking to enhance recreational use or increase the value of their waterfront real estate.

Our Services
Shoreline Improvement Permitting
From planning to submission, our streamlined approach takes the hassle out of permit applications, letting you focus on envisioning your perfect shoreline.

Aquatic Weed Control
In cooperation with Comprehensive Weed Control, we provide the dual power of permitting assistance and mechanical removal of nuisance and invasive aquatic weeds to restore your waterfront to its pristine beauty.

Waterway Dredging
Expert consulting, permitting and construction services to mechanically or hydraulically dredge silt and sediment to restore adequate water depths for improved recreational use of your waterfront property.

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