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CWNC Chamber Special

Offer Valid: 02/01/2024 - 02/10/2025
As a special offer for GWNC Chamber Members, YRKA is providing a Member-to-Member Special with over $900+ in total value for only $99. The offer includes:
  • a Proprietary Mobile Wallet Pass Builder
  • Proprietary Digital Rewards Builder,
  • 3,000 Texts per Month for free ($150 Value),
  • 6,000 Push Notifications per Month for free ($180 Value),
  • unlimited emails,
  • unlimited keyword opt-ins,
  • a local phone number for free ($3 Value),
  • a short code URL for free,
  • the maximum allowed geofences,
  • waived $199 set up fee,
  • a 10" Digital Tablet ($100+ Value),
  • and a Security Stand ($75 Value).
To learn more visit:

This Member To Member Deal is promoted by Greater Watertown North Country Chamber.

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