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The House of the Good Shepherd

The House of the Good Shepherd

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About Us

The House of the Good Shepherd (HGS) provides vital foster care and community-based services to more than 500 children and their families in Jefferson and Oneida Counties.

The organization also administers residential services with a special education school on its Utica campus. In 2021, HGS assisted 945 children with a team of 360 people dedicated to the mission of changing children’s lives.

Foster care is intended to be a short-term intervention to ensure the safety of a child removed from their home until they can be reunified with a parent or placed in a permanent adoptive or guardianship home.

While HGS has an exceptional network of foster parents, the need for new foster homes continues to grow. If you or someone you know are looking to become a foster parent, visit or call 315-782-8064.

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